Financial specialist

Martin Buločkin

Professional consultancy in the area of mortgages, insurance and investments

What services can I offer you?



I will help you with the financing of your dream home. I always find the best solution suited just for you.


Personal and property insurance

I will set up your insurance effectively – cheap, practical, and with good cover.


Savings and investments

I will create a financial plan for depositing, generating money, and using the state benefits. 

Why should you cooperate with me?

I explain the issue to my clients in a simple and comprehensive way because good communication is key to success in any field.

Thanks to my partnership with eDO Finance, I can offer you the best from the market.

I build long-term relationships with clients because I value cooperation based on mutual trust, thanks to which clients can rely on me in the future.


About me

My name is Martin Buločkin, and I am studying finance for a third year. My goal is to fulfill all wishes and interests of my clients with whom I establish long-term cooperation. Mutual satisfaction is fundamental.

I enjoy meeting new people. I am an enormous enthusiast for sports and various intellectual games. I have many successes in chess – being the Champion of the Czech Republic and subsequently participating in the World Championship. I like to educate myself by reading books and attending workshops and seminars professionally and personally.

References from my clients

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